What We Do

Consider this situation that many kids are facing. They are turning 18 in November of their senior year of high school. They’re not thinking about the upcoming holiday events, shopping at the mall with their friends, or wondering if they will be going to the winter formal or Friday night’s basketball game. Their concerns run quite deeper. They are counting down the days until they are out of foster care and need to make it on their own. These kids are pondering such questions as: When the state stops sending a check where am I going to live? How will I get to school and what will I be eating? These foster teens need to know someone is out there who will help unconditionally with their most basic needs.They need time to finish growing up.

Most foster children leave adult care with a large plastic sack on their shoulder, with all of their worldly possessions stuffed inside. And this is where Safety Net comes in. From a utility bill, to a bus pass to get to school and work, to food for their kitchen, to basic things like a toilet scrubber, these kids need it all. They have never had their own bed, we get them one. They haven’t taken driver’s education classes due to the cost, we help them with the fee. They have nothing to sit on or eat on, so we have them shop the SafetyNet store of gently used items.They truly need the community's assistance, and we are that local help. We are truly the safety net that keeps these kids from falling through the cracks. It’s our purpose to let them know they are not forgotten and they are not invisible. With us, they understand that we care and want nothing more than to see them succeed in life.

What you can do. There are several ways to help bolster the future for foster teens aging out of the foster care system. You can help by making a cash donation, or a donation of gently used household items to the Safetynet Store. You can host your own change party to raise donation money. And you could even start a fund raiser at your office. For more information on how you can help, please contact Kayle at spokanesafetynet@gmail.com or call her at 509-863-9431