Success Stories

Safety Net is an awesome organization that is extremely passionate about helping youth in foster care. They have been an amazing partner to Treehouse and are always there when I have reached out for resources for the youth that I serve. Safety Net also does a great job of connecting different organizations and making us feel like one big community to help better serve youth.

Thank you,
~ Jeremy, Graduation Success Coordinator for Treehouse

Safety Net has been an amazing partner for Treehouse. They are passionate about helping youth in foster care, and they do such a wonderful job of connecting different organizations around Spokane so we all can be stronger advocates together. Safety Net has provided laptops, backpacks and basic need items – all for the purpose of empowering youth in foster care. I always know I can depend on Safety Net to be a compassionate organization and partner.

Thank you,
~ Morgan

My story is a long one. It has a quite a few tosses and turns to it. Before I was placed in foster care I had a mother and father just like everyone else. We played, we laughed and I remember running around an island in our trailer. Funny what you remember. I would fall every time I passed the corner of the island and would get up and run and laugh about it.

Then things changed and I wasn't laughing anymore. I was hung by my mom and my sister and was whipped with a wire hanger. My dad took responsibility for what my mom had actually done and he was sent to prison. Soon after my dad left, my mom and aunt called the cops on my dad's mom, my grandma, for grand theft. I don't know why they did but then Grandma was gone too.

My mom started dating a drug dealer. The drug dealer had me run zip-lock bags full of heroin and methamphetamine. I would take a lunch bag, with one of each zip-lock baggie to the local park. I would then have to sit there and wait for a man to come by sit next to me. He always had a paper bag like mine, but his would have cash in it. We would switch bags and I would walk home and give it to my moms boyfriend, the now live in drug dealer.

My mom started hooking. My sister and I would make her food when she came home. One day, we tried to make hash browns and eggs for our mom. Ashley almost cut her thumb off. Her left thumb to be specific. The nicest thing my mom ever did was take my sister to the hospital and get her thumb stitched. I remember that I was relieved as I wasn't sure she would.

My mom ended up leaving the house for so long one time that a neighbor heard my youngest sister, a newborn baby, crying for hours so she called the police. The police showed up and booted down the door, This was about the sixth time that the police raided my "home" and I was not even 5 years old yet. They asked my mom for her closest relatives phone number. They ended up with my grandma, my mom's mom. She told the police that my mom would bounce again that same night. The responding police officer listened to my grandma and staked out our house for three days, even when he was off duty. On the third night the officer called my grandma and asked her to meet him at our house. When my mom left that night he once again raided our house, but this time he knew what to look for; three kids, the oldest being a five year old boy, the middle child being two and a nine month old baby having been left for 72 hours without parental supervision. Child Protective Services was then notified that we had left our moms care. We entered our grandmas care that night but were to be separated between relatives. However I knew how to raise hell. So when I was placed at my aunt's house I kicked the cat, broke vases and lamps, and put holes into any wall I could to get my sisters back. My aunt took good care of me and one of my sisters. We both went to Job Corps when we came of age. We now are grown up and are doing what we need to get by.

I have other stories, this is just a portion. I am glad I had my aunt to rely on. I am glad I have had Safety Net to help me stay on my feet. I understand that Safety Net is the community offering a helping hand because I am missing the support of a mom and dad. I appreciate it more than you can understand.

Thank you,
~ Jamie

Hi, my name is Johnny. I’m 20 years old. I’m a foster alumni. I aged out of the system at 18 and I was still a junior in high school. At the end of my junior year, I moved out on my own trying to support myself and trying to graduate from high school at the same time. Everyone thought I wouldn’t graduate because of my learning disability and because I was living on my own. I graduated from Deer Park High in 2012, and have been living on my own since June 2011. Living on my own has been tough, but it’s taught me many life lessons. I haven’t had to ask for any help, but lately I have been struggling a little bit financially and heard about Safety Net from my older brother Michael. We both work at a vineyard part time and it’s really fun. I’ve worked there since my junior year in high school. But when times were hard, my hours got cut, I needed help with bills and you were there to help pay some bills.

Thank you,
~ Johnny

A few years back, you had given me a bed to help me get my own life started. I cannot thank you enough for the help I received. Back in high school, you helped me to pay for my DECA trips for two years. I wouldn’t have been able to go without you. Also, I am about to graduate three quarters from now and I am not sure I would be where I am without the help and support from you. You helped me to get a computer for my classes and I have been using it religiously since. And finally, the most cherished thing you have done for me was the gift certificates for Christmas that made it possible to buy presents for my baby Skylar. And this year you gave him Santa’s gifts so that all I had to do was wrap them and they have been very useful. You have been such a blessing to me and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.

Thank you,
~ Channa

Thank you for the gas for my truck so that I could go see my brother who is still in care in the Tri Cities for Thanksgiving. It meant so much to both of us to be together for this holiday.

Thank you,
~ Billy

I am presently a student at SFCC, where I am taking pre-med classes. I hope to attend Seattle University next year where I will major in pediatrics. I had a computer that was breaking down, I needed a new one, and there you were to help me buy one. I want to thank you so much. It has made a world of difference in how I can complete assignments.

Thank you,
~ Brandon

Thank you very much for your contribution to the foster youth and myself at Spokane Falls Community College. You have helped me in ways that have helped me in becoming successful. You have helped me with my rent and getting books for school. But, the biggest way you have helped was paying for me to stay in school to bring up my GPA, so i can continue going to school to get my degree. My life has not been easy, and your ongoing pursuit to help us with our college experience has been a selfless act that will not go unseen. When I am through with college and I speak of how I made it through, I will humbly say I could not have done it without your help. Thanks again for everything.

Thank you,
~ Eddie