Molly Allen, co founder

Molly Allen

For the last 18 years Molly has been part of the Dave Ken and Molly show on 92.9 zzu

Her longevity on the air in Spokane is proof positive that this is her home and that helping the foster youth in this community is hugely important to her. The mother of a former foster youth herself, she knows what it takes to help these youth through this tricky transition. Jayke came to her family at the age of 10 from a series of foster homes and bad situations. He is now 22 and the father of a 3 year old Alexzander. Molly sees everyday the toll that foster care took on him and sees the amount of support that is needed to help him stay on track. The youth that Safety Net impacts are even more in need of this support, they have no family to fall back on. That is why she is so passionate about helping in whatever way she can.

In her spare time she writes, in fact you can see her latest work this fall at Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley. Spending time with her Grandson takes up most of what's left. Maybe a round of golf or volunteering for a number of other non-profits in the area. A full village of friends and family. She is happiest when she is serving dinner for 15 at "Good Food Sunday" that is when the village gathers.

Airplanes are her other passion, stating that one day she will works for the airlines and make flying fun again. Molly is also an Honorary Commander for the Air National Guard. Refueling missions are the biggest thrill for her!