Coleen Quisenberry, Co-Founder


Being a mom of three grown boys, my heart goes out to teens that have nowhere to go for support. Just as my own children have needed occasional assistance to living a self-sufficient life, foster kids should be offered the same sort of support. That’s why Molly and I chose to become involved and start Safety Net. We really hope to make a difference in the lives of these teens in the Spokane community. We are committed to helping them make it on their own.

At the end of the day if you stop and consider what the options are you can either jump in now and help these kids get a start towards a life of self sufficiency which I can tell you first hand this is what they desire, or you can do nothing now and help them through your tax dollars if they don't make it. It is not good for them, they want to take care of themselves. It is not good for our community as we have so many financial needs these kids become one more. It is not good for your own children as they will be dealing with the long term effects of this situation.

As I said before, we are committed to helping them make it on their own. Just a little support as they get it all figured out, just like most of us had from our parents and now offer our children. These kids deserve to feel like they can count on someone being there. The ones we have been able to help know they have a safety net. I know they sleep a little better at night because of it. Won't you help too? I know you will sleep a little better knowing you are helping.