Change Party

The mission of Safety Net is to support former foster youth in their critical post-foster care years. That means helping them with the resources to stay in school, receive job training and handle minor financial emergencies when they have nowhere else to turn. Your support of Safety Net makes this possible.

You’re there for your kids. Now we’re inviting you to be there for ours.

Your change will make change possible.

Hosting a "change party" will positively affect the lives of hundreds of Foster Teens in our community. And hosting one is easy:

Invite a group of your friends that may be interested in hosting their own party. Plan a simple, informal menu and in your invitation, let your guests know the "restaurant" pricing of your meal. Example “We are serving a burger better than the Carl’s Junior Six Dollar Burger with all of the sides, baked beans, corn on the cob and apple pie so a donation accordingly would be most appreciated."

This sort of coaching will clarify your expectations for your guests and it should be easy to have a successful party.

Have a change jar with instructions ready for each of your guests to take home for use in hosting their own party. Having a change party is a fun way to spend an evening with friends while creating a “safety net” for these vulnerable children. Let's start cooking to make a change for these kids. If you would like to use our label on your change jar, click here to download.