Coleen Quisenberry, founder
Being a mom of three grown boys, my heart goes out to teens that have nowhere to go for support. Just as my own children have needed occasional assistance to living a self-sufficient life, foster kids should be offered the same sort of support. That’s why we chose to become involved and start Safety Net. We really hope to make a difference in the lives of these teens in the Spokane community. We are committed to helping them make it on their own.

Molly Allen, founder
As a mother of a former foster child, I often think about where my son would be if we hadn’t met. At 18 he would be on his own, and he would not be ready. That is why “Safety Net” is so important. We will be there to bridge the gap for the kids who have no one else. I believe that we will do a great service to the foster youth in our area by providing them another source of financial help.