Who We Help

Safety Net is dedicated to keeping it local, meaning we serve the immediate Spokane and Northern Idaho area. Our ties lie here in the community, yet that doesn’t translate into limitations. We will never turn away someone that needs our help. Our only requirement is that the youth must have ties to Foster Care. There is no qualifier on how much time or at what ages. If there was Foster Care involvement, at anytime during childhood, Safety Net maybe able to help. 

At Safety Net, we always try to cast a wide net when it comes to trying to reach kids. The more immersed we are in the community with those who currently supervise, teach, care for, or mentor youth, the easier it is for us to make those valuable connections. We work with high school counselors, college advisors, social workers – anyone who might have a relationship with a foster child.

The Safety Net door is always open. Wide open. We don’t have reams of red tape and layers of organization that prevent us from lending our support. When any child is brought to our attention, we have the ability to act, and immediately assess the steps we can take to help. There is no evaluation of “which foster kid needs more help than another” – every situation is different, and we exist to deliver love and support wherever and however needed.